Come shop with me at Dollar Tree, Michael’s, JOANN, Target and At Home! The crafter’s paradise of shopping centers! Our shopping trip is followed up by a clean with me to get the house ready for Christmas decorating.

All right so Nick is filming his podcast, I thought I would go to the nearest Michaels to find some stuff for Christmas for decorations and I landed in a crafter’s paradise! In the same shopping center like one, two, three, four there is a Dollar Tree, Michael’s, a JOANNs and Hobby Lobby! Oh and then there’s a Target if you needed anything else. Seriously! Seriously when where have you ever seen a Dollar Tree, Michael’s, JOANNs and a Hobby Lobby all together?? Well I guess I’m gonna find some good things so here we go!

There was so much cute decor at Michael’s even this sign for snow days. I wish we had those here in Southern California! Everything was on sale, all of their Christmas decor was 50% off!! They had all this cute stuff for those little mini trees too! I think I’m going to decorate one this year for my office at work.

At JOANNs they had a ton of really cute signs and more of that rustic decor for Christmas which I really like. I love the traditional green and red with a lot of the wood tones so JOANNs had a lot of that, if that’s what you’re looking for.

I was trying to go into Hobby Lobby but totally forgot their clothes on Sundays. So I guess I’ll have to come back later. But as I was walking over to Target, I walked past a Hallmark! Literally anything you want to decorate, or to craft, or to keep yourself busy it’s in the shopping center! It’s crazy! Since Hobby Lobby was closed I went over to Target to check out the dollar spot, they had some cute stuff for planning for Christmas including this super cute budget notebook that had not only days of the weeks like any other planner but it also at the very back an area where you could just list out everyone that you have to buy gifts for, guest lists, budgets, everything that you need to plan for the holidays. It was super cute!

So after target I was going to just head home, but instead I decided to kind of drive around the shopping center to see if there was anything else and there was an At Home store. I don’t know if any of you have ever been to one of these, but it was absolutely insane like blowing my mind how much stuff they had for Christmas and any absolute theme that you wanted. So this area is like all blue, they had like peacock feathers, they have that very traditional green and red, they had super cute things for pink very neutral tones. They also had this section that was kind of like a winter wonderland with the little fairies and stuff. Basically anything that you could imagine, even an upside-down tree, At Home had it! So if you have one nearby I would definitely recommend checking it out.

I feel like I need to do a whole new shop with me for just for this store!

All right that’s enough shopping for me! I was able to pick up a few things but I definitely got a ton of inspiration for Christmas decorations so now I’m gonna get back to the house and start cleaning. I’m starting in the bedroom getting everything up off the floors and dusting.

So I still have a bit of our fall decor out I’m definitely going to be decorating for Christmas soon. I’m just trying to figure out what weekend works best because we’re planning to be away for Thanksgiving and I want to do decorate with me for Christmas so turn on your notifications and make sure you subscribe so you can see it when it gets posted!

Well Nick busted out the office because he turned it into a studio for his podcast this morning so this is gonna be… it’s gonna be fun. I’m gonna try and put it all back where it should go but I’ll need his help moving the desk so that’s gonna have to stay.

One of my new holiday hacks is pillow covers and place mats it’s like two super easy things and inexpensive things that you can do and it just changes the entire look and feel of the area.

In my last video we used a drying rack for all our dishes, but since we have such limited counter space I wanted to try out the dishwasher. I always feel so guilty because you have to basically wash everything prior to it going into the dishwasher anyways but we’re gonna try it out.

So all I have left is to mop the floors and I’m just totally debating on whether or not I want to actually do this office. Well like I said it kind of got torn apart and we moved the desk and move the electric drum set into our bedroom which I think it’s gonna stay there so that I can have a desk in this room, but um I just don’t know.

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