Whether it’s the start of a new year, spring cleaning, or just a new season in your life, decluttering and organizing your closet can be quite the daunting task. But like with any other overwhelming task, you just have to start somewhere.

My fiance Nick and I share a closet so getting the closet so keeping it organized is important. Here’s 5 tips to clean, declutter and organize your closet and keep it that way!

1. Laundry

For a closet clean out specifically I find it useful to actually start by getting all of your laundry clean and put away, just as you normally would. I know it sounds redundant, but it helps to get it all in one place and saves you time if you’re planning to donate or sell any of the items.

2. Start in Sections

I’ve seen some of those true Kon Marie declutter videos where they take everything out of the closet, dresser, storage drawers, etc and put it in one area so you can see it all together. That’s a huge undertaking and if you have the time, patience and drive to get it done that way more power to you. Personally, it’d be way too stressful and if I didn’t finish in the same day, I’d have to find where to put it until i could finish the next day.

So instead I started with all of my hanging items. Going through jackets, dresses, tops, accessories. Just like Kon Marie recommends, I held up each piece and asked myself “does this bring joy”? I also asked have I worn this in the last few weeks? Do I wear it when it’s in season? Do I need it?

After completing all of my hanging clothes, I went through my closet storage drawers, shoes, then our dresser.

3. Sort the clothes you aren’t keeping

As I went through each section, I created 3 piles for the items I decided not to keep.

  1. Sell
  2. Donate
  3. Trash

4. Clean out your closet often

I like to go through my clothes often to either make space for new clothes or simply keep things decluttered and organized. It’s like the same feeling you get from retail therapy only more satisfying. It feels so good to let go of items that are not only creating a cluttered closet, but a cluttered mind. Plus you don’t have to worry about that potential guilt that comes from buying something you don’t need.

I’d recommend going through your closet once a quarter or every 4 months. If you live in an area that has seasons, it makes it easy to remember. When Winter is over, clean out your closet. When Spring is over, clean out your closet. When Summer is ending… well you get the point. Doing it often gives you a clear idea of what you are actually wearing.

5. Create a habit

The best way I’ve found to keep things organized it to make closet organization a habit. When you do laundry. Make it a habit to put things back in the same way that you just spent hours doing. If it’s folded in 3rd Marie Kondo style, fold it in 3rds Marie Kond style. If you’ve color organized your tops, put the clean tops back in the same color organization. I’ve done my best and can say I don’t always do it, but I try to and that’s what has helped to keep my closet clean, decluttered and organized for the last 6 months!

Tools that helped me clean!

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