If you have multiple sites running through one Amazon Associates account, you likely will want to track each with a unique Amazon Associate tracking ID. Tracking each separately allows you to see the performance per site vs trying to guess. As well, with separate tracking IDs you can determine where to spend more of your time based on which site is driving the most revenue. This method could also be useful if you are using one site with multiple topics, you can see which topics your readers are most engaged with.

Creating a new Amazon Associate tracking ID

  1. Log in to your Amazon Associates account
  2. In the top right, hover over your account name
  3. Click Account Settings
    1. For quick access, click directly on Manage Your Tracking IDs

4. Click Manage Tracking IDs

5. Click Add Tracking ID

6. Enter your tracking ID

7. Click Create

You will then see your new Amazon Associate tracking ID in the Search Tracking IDs area, alongside any other tracking IDs you have previously created.

You can be as detailed or general as you would like. Amazon allows up to 100 unique tracking IDs per Associates account. If you need more, it may make more sense to create another Amazon Associates account.

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