We bought our Blink Home Security Cameras about a month ago after a few incidents at our apartment complex occurred. We’ve never owned security cameras and didn’t have any good recommendations from friends or family, so we started by listing out our needs/wants.


  • Outdoor compatible cameras
  • Inexpensive
  • Low monthly fee for video storage
  • Wireless cameras


  • Easy to install
  • 2 to 3 camera package
  • Free video storage


Like most, I started the search on Amazon and one of the top options was the Blink Home Security cameras, not surprising since Blink is an Amazon owned company, similar to the Ring Doorbell cameras. The product had good reviews though, so I clicked to learn more.

Blink offers a 1, 2, 3, or 5 camera package with the option to purchase an extra camera if needed. Their XT outdoor security camera line is weatherproof, which you could choose indoor or outdoor and covered almost all our needs/wants. Each camera offered the basics of motion detection, HD video with night vision, and audio recording. The security cameras are battery powered/wireless and easily connected to the base through wi-fi. Best of all, a simple download of the free Blink app gives you access to and control of your cameras directly from your phone!

The outdoor security cameras only come in black, so if you were planning to use them indoor and wanted them to blend with your decor a bit more, Blink makes an indoor security camera line that is offered in white.


I ended up going with the XT 2 Camera system, which at the time was $249. Keep an eye out because soon after I bought them, Amazon ran a 20% off sale!

I also purchased an add-on indoor camera since I wanted one that was designed to be used inside. MISTAKE!

[Honest Opinion] The indoor cameras are *&^#. The quality of the image was no different and it was easy to connect to our existing system, but the craftsmanship didn’t match that of the outdoor cameras. It makes sense since the security cameras placed outside need to hold up to all sorts of weather. Long story short, if you are looking to place some additional cameras inside and connect them to your outdoor system, I would just purchase the add-on outdoor cameras.

Blink Home Security Camera-2 Camera System

Blink XT Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection, Wall Mount, HD Video, 2-Year Battery Life and Cloud Storage Included – 2 Camera Kit


As always the cameras arrived quickly and I was eager to get them set up. The instructions included in the package were clear and only a few steps. Honestly it took less than 15 min to get everything connected after downloading the app.

What you will need to install:

  • Wi-fi connection
  • Blink app
  • Standard screwdriver

That’s it! Super easy! Then follow the instructions and voila your home security camera system is now set up and ready to record! We added a small wreath around our camera to help disguise it a bit more.


The Blink Home security cameras only come with a small snap on mount that only folds forward/backward. Where we decided to place our camera, this simple mount didn’t allow us to angle the camera to capture more of our front porch. We purchased some “after-market” security camera wall mounts that allowed for more rotation, so far so good!

Coming Soon >> Blink Home Security Camera App Review

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