For years I struggled with finding a style that made me feel comfortable and confident, was easy to find pieces for, and didn’t break the bank. I wanted to work with what I already had, but find the best way to pair them together.

My closet is filled with items from every style, from country to edgy, comfy sweaters to tight black dresses, boho to old and tired looking high school favorites. Mind you I’m 28…. WHY do I still have clothes from high school? That’s a great question and one I consistently ask myself.

In my current situation, I don’t spend a lot of money, if ever, on clothes. I hate driving to the store, sifting through WAY to many options, trying them on, plus I have a hard time justifying spending money to upgrade my closet when I have one filled with “perfectly good clothes”. Please tell me I’m not the only one. However, looking back I think the biggest reason I didn’t buy new clothes often, is because I never really had a set style that I was going for. I would come home with onsie-twosie pieces only to realize I have nothing else to wear with it… OR SO I THOUGHT!

The other day I decided to put on some old black jeggings a flowy top, I matched it with a boho styled statement necklace, and what some would consider motorcycle boots. I walked in to work feeling sassy; I felt confident and I felt like my personality was really represented in my clothes. I feel like I’ve heard that expression before, but it never really clicked until this day.

The next day I went back to some “basic” outfit that really had nothing special going on. I was back to that neutral feeling. After giving it some more thought I realized if that outfit made me feel confident and like my true self, well shoot I need to wear more of that!

I turned to Pinterest (of course)!!!! It’s the perfect place to browse different styles as well as curate looks. I created a board for each style, you can view them below. Keep in mind these all have a bit of edge to them, so they may not be your typical boho or rustic country look.

This new feeling had me on a high and I wanted to jump right in. Being a thrifty person, I started at the typical discount stores such as Ross, Marshalls, TJMaxx, and Nordstrom Rack… I like the variety of styles and the price even more. I can jump in to this new, edgier style and not only feel confident in the new outfits, but confident in my purchase.

Check out the copied looks below:

Pinterest Look

Jeans @ArticlesofSociety found @nordstromrack on sale for $36. Shop Here

Top @dreamers found at @OwlFish on sale for $6.60!

I guess what I’m trying to say is find the fashion that fits you! One that makes you feel comfortable, confident, empowered, beautiful, and most of all makes you feel like you!

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