Living in Southern California, a powder day at your local mountain is a day you won’t soon forget. Working full-time doesn’t always allow us to just pick up and go when a storm is moving in. But this weekend we timed just right!

Day 1:

We drove up Saturday morning first thing to try to get a good parking spot. Unfortunately both top lots were paid ($20) so we parked in the lower dirt lot and got shuttled up to the base of the mountain only about a 10min ride as the shuttles drive slow.

Since it was our first trip of the season, I started out on my snowboard. Figured I’d get a couple runs in before jumping ship to skis. Felt good to be back on the mountain even with the crowds. Halfway through the day it was time to switch, so I hopped back on the shuttle down to the car.

It was definitely a throw back feeling, as I skied when I was younger but switched to snowboarding in High School. It was the cool thing 🙂 Anyways I changed out my boots, put my board back in the bag and headed up for the second half on skis.

Day 2:

This was one of our first trips up so Nick and I decided to stop and get our snowboard and skis tuned and waxed. I decided to ski the whole day, kind of force myself to get used to skiing, and I am so glad I did! I started on an easy run and let Nick head up to the top to get a few in at his own speed.

After a few runs we met back up and I headed higher up the mountain and well, I went down my first black diamond on skiis! Gotta get it over with at some point right? It was crazy how quickly it came back!

We got a full day of powder in, with some of the biggest flakes I think I have ever seen in Big Bear. It was truly an amazing day on the mountain. In Southern California the weather doesn’t always line up for a powder day, but when it does…. see for yourself below!

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