If you’re reading this, I would say you are either are 1. Asking yourself the same question 2. Are curious why anyone would want to live in an RV, or 3. You’re following our story! If you aren’t any of those, please comment, we love hearing what intrigued you to click!

This all started about 2 years ago, which now that I am writing it, seems like a long time ago! But for us, we just threw the idea out there to see how each other would react. Surprisingly we were both kind of in to the idea. SPOLIER ALERT… you may have already figured this out, but obviously we haven’t acted quickly on this idea. That’s because of 2 main reasons:

1. Bills
2. Steady Income On the Road

Both are very much dependent on each other in order to make living in an RV full-time a viable option. So let’s get in to it a little bit more.

Bills. Can you pay my bills. Can you pay my telephone bills. Can you pay my automo-bills… That’ll be stuck in your head the rest of the day. In case it is, you can listen to it here I read if you listen to a song that’s stuck in your head, it goes away. But to be honest, it may just get worse.

OK I’m back. So bills, what bills do we have to pay every month. For us this includes:

  • Student Loans
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Phone Bill
  • Car Payment
  • Car Insurance

There are some though that I guess you could consider “optional bills”; those things that maybe you could do without, or could at least adjust to lower the amount spent every month.

  • Subscriptions: Netflix, Spotify, Adobe Creative Cloud, Amazon Prime, etc…
  • Internet: Although, I would almost consider this a steady bill… unless you’re savvy enough to know of every restaurant/building that offers wifi
  • Savings
  • Food
  • Gas

You’ll notice I didn’t add Rent or Utilities to the Bills section. We know both will definitely be a part of the RV lifestyle, however renamed to one item… Reservations! The part that excites us the most is the control over what that number would equal each month. For example, if the average RV park cost $30 per night x 30 nights, you’re at $900 in “reservations”. However this now also includes your “utilities” (electric, water, sewer, trash). But if we wanted to strip that down a bit, we could boondock or spend a few nights in the glamorous parking lot. On the flip side, we could raise this and splurge on a fancy RV park that’s walking distance to activities in the area. The option is up to us, not the leasing office or the bank.

Now on to #2, a steady income on the road. I wish we were all lucky enough or disciplined enough to not have debt, but more than likely you’re like me. That’s not a bad thing, it’s a part of life. At some point though you hope to pay debt down to a more manageable place, or even better pay it off and live a debt-free life! Dreams do come true. But for now debt-free is a goal, and the bills are very much still a part of why we need a steady income to live on the road.

OK, so now on to why we want to live in an RV. If you’ve been following us, you know that Nick and I LOVE the outdoors. In the summer we are at the lake, beach, or hiking, and winters in the mountains. You may also know that we can’t seem to sit still. In the past 4 years we have moved 3 times. Now moving an household is not fun, but two great things came from it. We learned to be super efficient at moving, everything had a place and fit in one trip (must have been all those years playing Tetris). More importantly it has forced us to keep what we need and continue to pair down, if not just simply for fact that we didn’t want to have to move it again.

When you move so often, you start putting a value on material things. Are we going to use it, how often do we use it, does it have sentimental value, and most importantly is it practical! For more on downsizing, click here. During this process however, we started to realize the whole “less is more” concept. Like it actually started to click! You start asking, what in my life brings me happiness? To us happiness comes from adventure, from spending time together, and from that feeling of fulfillment (doing more than the daily grind). Say Waaaa? Yes, our current full-time jobs bring us happiness because they pay for our bills and fund our adventures. But I would say both of us are at a point where working the 9-5 just doesn’t provide that fulfillment anymore. Living for the weekend feels inadequate.

Well what if there was a way for us to explore more, spend more time together, and to feel more fulfilled? Enter RV Living! Hey… that gets us outside more often, we’re in tight quarters, so we’ll definitely be spending more time together, and we’re able to experience more than the daily grind, adding to our fulfillment! That right there is exactly why we want to live in and RV Full-Time, stay tuned to see how we make this dream a reality!

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